Customer Service Chatbot

Our Conversational AI Chatbots are custom designed to help businesses generate more sales and reduce their support staff burden.

Imagine the early days of the pandemic when people were all standing in the queue to get their orders, and the waiting was a complete mess. We have designed this virtual waiting room demo chatbot for superstores to counter those troublesome user experiences and help businesses grow despite COVID’s troubles to companies worldwide.

Incorporate a Conversational AI Chatbot on your Superstore's Website, a Chatbot that answers questions, guides visitors, schedules appointments 24/7, and works as your highly-trained virtual customer service agent, possibly transitioning to a live agent.

TMUDFD's Conversational AI Chatbots are intelligent; NLU and NLP are used to analyze your visitors' concerns and instantly deliver the best response. In addition, the Chatbots are fully compatible with common CMS platforms like WordPress eCommerce platforms, including Magento and Custom Websites.