You can now emulate in-person experiences online with Conversational AI.
The future belongs to organizations that can predict customer intent and deliver proactive, real-time responses.
Two-way Autonomous Conversation makes lives easier and builds stronger consumer connections.

TMUDFD Autonomous Conversations automates basic, time-consuming consumer queries and tasks in real time. It can retrieve information and account details, resolve basic queries and quickly complete transactions — and largely eliminate human error that can occur in customer service. It significantly reduces the average time spent by customers on the phone to resolve simple queries.

TMUDFD Autonomous Conversation
for eCommerce

Conversational Voice AI
that emulates in-store shopping experiences online with capability to determine a speaker’s age, gender, language, accent or emotional state from their speech

It enables better relatable interactions to enhance customer satisfaction when receiving and dealing with visitors at your eCommerce webpages which are, in effect, your Digital Front Doors so as to

  • convert Browsers to Buyers
  • achieve quintessential business outcome