Infrastructure Maintenance may be for physical buildings or physical objects of any kind or for software infrastructure or social infrastructure. In all instances maintenance involves people interacting with one another and looking at or doing things with an object, software/software system or service facility or social system / social notions, etc.

In such situation of interaction,

  • the functional features of TMUDFD with AI&ML-informed Conversational Chatbot
  • Virtual Interaction/Video Conference functionality for approximation of PRESENCE including SWISTWIT, Screen Sharing, Whiteboard and Text Chat and recording of the entire interaction in multimedia
  • real-time accurate Speech-to-Text Transcription and subsequently the Language Translation of the transcribed text to a pre-selected language of choice

would greatly facilitate the discussion and illustration in terms of clarity. Please view the video presentation at MRESENCE in Operation - Presence in Mixed Reality

TMU service made available in easily accessible and consumable forms as TMUDFD facilitates and encourages reporting of work incidents, request for explanation and clarification and confirmation of correct/accurate understanding of situation and requirement of the operation of work at hand between the field personnel and the manager/administrator/designer of the work projects when and where clarity of reporting and discussion and direction is required to avoid errors, accidents, and damages that may ensue. Such a facility for timely communication and discussion would greatly improve work production and the productivity of the projects of work. The Native Language Chat function of TMU for speech-to-text, text-to-text and text-to-speech conversation with automatic language translation in real time and the facility of whiteboard for sketching out ideas to aid explanation and illustration allow for the tradespeople to communicate with greater ease and efficiency.