Pricing for TMUDFD Conversational AI
It does a lot more than ordinary Conversational Chatbots

Differentiating Features of TMUDFD
Reasons why you want to choose TMUDFD
instead of any of the other Conversational Chatbots in the market:

  • You can build the Workflow of TMUDFD yourself with drag-n-drop tools complete with templates for use cases in various commerce or industry space for you to follow. The templates are provided with TMUDFD when you sign up to use it. You can make changes to the workflow to better serve your business from time to time. It is effective and efficient way of deploying Conversational AI (yes, it is more than a Conversational Chatbot).
If you do not want to do the work yourself, we will have someone do it for you at a very affordable price.
  • With TMUDFD you can build speech-enabled AI&ML-informed Conversational Workflow to conduct Autonomous Conversations in various major languages with online visitors/clients at any of your webpages. Note that most people using Smartphone to interact with Conversational Chatbot online would prefer to use speech instead of text (not everyone is adept in keyboarding or expressing themselves in text).
  • TMUDFD’s workflow can be designed to have the interaction between the Conversational Chatbot and the online Visitor/Client pivot or transition to a virtual interaction / video conference with live (human) agents. The real-time interaction is enabled with TMUDFD’s TMUscribe and TMUslate functions that automatically transcribe the speech to text and then translate the transcribed text into languages preselected by the individuals in the video conference. The entire interaction in one continuous session is captured and recorded in multimedia.
  • TMUDFD is a managed service platform offering Last Mile service facility to build, operate and run your business in any business/industry space efficiently. It is complete with functional features for on-boarding clients to your service provision, time-based billing, order placing / shopping cart, payment gateway, and dashboard that gives visibility of network/service performance KPI, usage and transaction data for accountability and use in posterity.
  • Optional Features: Features that you may include in your Workflow design of TMUDFD to cater to your business needs for access control and real-time information / data retrieval from database through API, Web Socket or RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

    • Access Control through reading of Photo-ID-Card
    • Autonomous Conversation implementation for use in eCommerce
    • Implementation of special data collection methodology
    • Implementation of special information dissemination methodology
    • Implementation of TMU-SRT for many-to-many video feeds, editing of the video streams on the fly and distribution of the media for broadcast to social media sites or any edge device in Ultra Low Latency in compliance with SRT protocol
    • Implementation of other automation for actions involving the masses

Subscription Price for Core Service of TMUDFD

Monthly Subscription begins at US$200 per month. This includes a monthly subscription of PRO Plan for TeleMeetUp (TMU) service.
A discount of 10% on the price is offered for an annual subscription and payment.

Price for Optional Features are to be quoted separately.

For a complete description of functionality of TMUDFD and TMU-SRT, please peruse presentation at TMU TMUDFD Presentation.

For an industry survey of pricing for Conversational Chatbot with detailed explanation please read presentation at Chatbot Pricing.