During the period before Commercial Launch the services together with the available functions are available to you for use GRATIS.

Service Packages
  Basic Flex Premium Pro Premium Business
Price Free-of-Charge US$30 per month
US$150 per month
Requires the Purchase of Prepaid Credit Amount of US$20 US$30
Maximum Number of Participants for Video Conference Service 3 6 20
Maximum Session Duration 30 minutes unlimited unlimited
Allowance for Speech-to-Text Transcription (S2T) aka Sub-titling - 100 minutes 400 minutes
Allowance for Translation of Transcribed Text to Other Language (T2T) - 100 minutes 400 minutes
Allowance for Speech-to-Speech Translation (S2S) - 100 minutes 400 minutes
Allowance for Text in the Use of ChatGPT - 10,000 characters 40,000 characters

Access to the following service features as Pay-Per-Use Service
Speech-to-Text Transcription (S2T) aka Sub-titling US$0.03 per minute
Translation of Transcribed Texts to other language (T2T) US$0.03 per 100 words (average)
Speech-to-Speech Translation (S2S) US$0.10 per minute per participant
HAAT (Human Agent Assisted Translation) for Uncommon Languages that are not supported by LLM / ML $0.25 per minute subject to a minimum charge of US$5 per session
Out-dialing to any valid telephone number Rate per minute at 6-second increment for most countries as per published A-Z Rates Table. Note: 60-second increment is applicable to some countries.
Access to ChatGPT US$0.015 per 1000 characters (average)
Real-time Recording in Multimedia US$0.005 per minute per 4 participants
Play back of Recording with Intelligent Search Function US$0.002 per minute

Prepaid Credit Top-Up Amounts available for purchase
  Basic Flex Premium Pro Premium Business
Amount US$30, 50, 100 US$50, 75, 100
US$100, 200, 300

Large Account Bulk Volume Users (LABVU)

Customers with monthly usage of US$10,000 or greater
Requires pre-approved line of credit of US$15,000 or greater

Client who contracts with Ecocarrier to have LABVU service provision (CLABVU) has the privilege to create accounts of various kinds for individual personnel of the Client’s organization as authorized Designated Account User (DAU) according to their need. Accounts such as

  • Basic Flex
  • Premium Pro
  • Premium Business

All chargeable Pay-Per-Use service consumed by the DAU are billed to CLABVU with a debit entry to the Bulk Account that CLABVU has with Ecocarrier Inc.

CLABVU is given the facility to impose credit limit to the cumulated cost of usage of the service functions at any time.

CLABVU is given online access to Dashboard that displays the usage and the relative costs of the individual DAU.

Payment Term: Net 30 days
A security Deposit may be required in some cases.