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Conversational AI, Real-time Transcription and Translation
for Slack Digital HQ

Use of TMUDFD Conversational AI Chatbot to receive and deal with Visitors and Clients at your webpages (which are your digital front doors) with facility to

Easy set up to do TMU video conference / virtual interaction with others in Slack Digital HQ with one-step command for each instance of use

Use it for ad hoc conference, or as daily standups, team check-ins, surveys, virtual watercooler, 1:1 intros, etc.

Installation and operation

TMU & Slack Integration for use with Slack Digital HQ of a corporation:

Install TeleMeetUp slack app on your Slack workspace and then link your TMU account with your Slack account to give the right permissions to the app to send messages and create channels.

You can start or schedule a TMU call from Slack using commands, or do the same from TMU web app.

That will result in creating/scheduling a call and creating a channel on Slack equivalent to the call scheduled. Both the Slack channel and the call will have the same participants.

When the call is active, messages sent on the call group chat will be seen on the web app as well as on the Slack channel of that call. Conversely, messages sent on the Slack channel will also be seen on the call chat of TMU.

When a TMU Call is scheduled, the invitee will get an email that presents the TMU Link for joining the TMU session, and the TMU Link will also appear in the Slack screen of the invitee.

TMUDFD & Slack Integration for use with Slack Digital HQ of a corporation:


Create an account on TMUDFD and subscribe to use the service; choose a subscription plan and set up a few parameters, such as enabling waiting room feature, determining whether the sessions are free for visitors or paid, etc.


Create a chatbot by building a workflow for it.


The workflow may include pivoting the interaction between the chatbot and the web visitors to virtual interaction / video conference by TMU with Live Agents at various Slack channels to improve Customer Service for better Customer Satisfaction (CSat).

Copy a line of script for the widget (a plug-in) and paste it in the webpage(s) to show the virtual assistant button. Optionally you can change the theme of the button and the widget to match the look of the webpage(s).

Now everything is ready and live, and any visitor at the webpage can click on the AI Assistant / Conversational Chatbot and chat/interact with it.


When the visitor requests to speak with Live Agent(s), the AI Assistant / Conversational Chatbot will initiate a TMU Call and invite the Live Agents to the TMU Call by sending an email with a TMU Link to the Live Agent(s) and posting a TMU Link on the Slack screen of the Live Agent(s).

All the calls will be created by/with the account admin, but any Agent can see the call in the call list and can join the call session with the web client (visitor).

Note that if a client (online visitor) requested chat only and not an audio/video call, an Agent can use either slack or TMU to interact with the client.