We invite you to form a strategic alliance / a strategic business partnership with Ecocarrier.

Ecocarrier (www.ecocarrier.com) has been building technology and solutions and making them available to the populace as cloud-based managed service provision and Last Mile Facility for democratizing access to information, knowledge, help, etc.

We build B2B relationships as horizontal integration or vertical integration as a way of propagation and adoption of our service provision.

Our service provision platform is purpose-designed to do B2B2C managed service provision complete with private label production and pay-per-use business model implementation and Last Mile Facility that is adaptable to any kind of service or service provision business. We provide both Server side and Client side Generative AI-enabled/informed operationalization work processes.

ECO123 (www.eco123.com) is our B2C service provision and can have custom skin to suit large B2B2C clients' requirement.

Industry/Business Focus

  • Businesses & Institutions can use our GPT-LTM (Generative AI with Long Term memory) to operationalize all processes especially for customer/market-facing operations
  • Edtech with GPT-LTM-generated coursework specially incorporated with conversational AI, multi-modal communication across all networks and speech-enabled and multilingual intelligent chatbot -- Our Project: ETITUDE uses Generative AI to make coursework that meets your special features requirement and incorporated with the special functionality to greatly enhance the efficacy and efficiency of training, coaching and learning for various vocations and roles (farm workers, nursing specialty of various kinds, etc.) across language barriers and barriers due to socio-economic and cultural constraints.
  • Healthcare - TeleMedicine & TeleHealth and Emergency Medicine
  • Media Broadcast/Podcast, Webinar and Video Streaming
  • Agriculture dealing with Food Insecurity
  • Drone-based security surveillance


Morshid Service Provision Platform is purpose-designed to meet the mandate of Morocco’s Generation Green as outlined in

Initially, the Morshid Platform is to cater to the following identified requirement and the needs of the small-holder farm workers:

  • Information and knowledge/know-how provision for effective and efficient farming to generate the best outcomes in terms of production and productivity
  • Upscaling general education and education on agriculture business, including computer literacy, financial services, modern farming services and methodology, etc. – including Drone-based Service for efficient farming
  • Healthcare service provision
  • Anticipatory Insurance for securing the farm business
  • Land Title Registration and Multi-Generational Estate Planning
  • Ecosystem for efficient supply of seed, required services, etc., distribution logistics, sales channels for the produce/production, etc.
  • ESG Considerations
  • Social Edification and nurturing of youth and Generation Alpha
It will incorporate the service functionality of TMU, TMUDFD & ECO123 and ETITUDE, TMU-SRT, TMU-IRES, etc.

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