Conversational Voice AI that enables interaction between Conversational Chatbot and online Visitors and Clients to TMUscribe for speech-to-text Transcription for 30+ languages & TMUslate for translation of the transcribed text into other languages (80+ languages) & seamless transition of the chat to virtual interaction or video conference with Live Agents complete with support for transcription and translation functionality - all in one continuous session and recording in multimedia

Automatic Meeting Note-taking with preferred language translation

TMUscribe frees you from taking notes at virtual conference or in-person meetings and produces live transcriptions with translation by TMUslate into preferred languages in real time that you and other participants can annotate and highlight.

TMUscribe & TMUslate for Education

Use a specially designed TMUscribe and TMUslate for live transcription note-taking for universities and other higher level education pursuit. Do so with recording of virtual interaction in multimedia in one continuous session.

Economical & Accountable with time-based pay-per-use billing & dashboard
for visibility of usage and records for use in posterity
Transcribe 100% of the Speech with 90%+ trained accuracy*
Translate the Transcribed Texts into various major languages automatically in real-time

*. train your speech models for 90%+ accuracy while TMUscribe’s End-to-End Deep Learning platform continually learns without any re-coding. State-of-the-Art AI Model Training creates not only one but 10’s or 1000’s of models trained to the specific needs of your company, target industries, or largest customers in an automated way.