Here’s an effective and efficient way to have a real-time video conference with speakers of uncommon languages including vernacular and indigenous languages anywhere

Ecocarrier’s TMU & ECO123 service provision can be adapted for use in enabling communication between speakers of uncommon languages anywhere with people anywhere else in the world speaking any of some 100+ languages.

The operation is described in the following illustration:

Conversational AI + Virtual Interactions & Video Conference working in conjunction with Human Interpreter

For instance, a French speaker, an Arabic speaker, and an Ixil speaker want to have real-time conversation in a video conference over TeleMeetUp (TMU) among themselves with the help of an interpreter who is proficient in Ixil and Spanish (“Interpreter”).

Note that at present there is no Conversational Voice AI support between Ixil and any of the other languages.

TMU’s S2S functionality can be utilized as follows:

  • When the Ixil speaker speaks, the Interpreter interprets the Ixil speech into speech in Spanish, TMU’s S2S (Speech to Speech) function translates the speech in Spanish made by the Interpreter into French and Arabic for the participants in the session, who have selected the language of choice, respectively.
  • In this case, TMU’s S2S translation function translates the French and Arabic speech into Spanish and the Interpreter (human) then translates the speech in Spanish into Ixil for the Ixil speaker to hear.
  • When the French speaker or the Arabic speaker speaks, the speech is transcribed into Spanish, Arabic, and French, and the Interpreter can read the transcription in Spanish and hear the translated speech in Spanish and speak / translate it into Ixil for the Ixil speaker to hear. Note that the above-described conversation takes place in TMU virtual interaction / video conference. The entire interaction session is captured and recorded in multimedia.
  • The Interpreter (proficient in Ixil/Spanish) above-mentioned can be someone invited to join a TMU session in progress by signalling within TMU or with an Invite sent from within the TMU session through a SMS messaging service to the Smartphone of the Interpreter who is standing by and available to provide the essential interpretation service for the Ixil speaker.

In the above-stated example, Ixil can be substituted with Tamazight, a language spoken by Amazighs (Berbers) in Morocco and other parts of North Africa, and the Ixil/Spanish language pair can be substituted with Tamazight/Arabic or Tamazight/French language pair.