TMU & TMUDFD address various UN SDG for sustainability and decarbonization through Digital Transformation and Automation. Particularly SDG No. 3, 4, 6, 8, 0, 11, 13, 14, 15, & 17. Ref. Ecocarrier Digital for Social Edification

  • Improving agricultural and aquacultural productivity through effective information and consultation with speech-enabled Conversational AI and Virtual Interaction with live agents with MRESENCE ( for approximation to PRESENCE ( TMUDFD in Agriculture )

  • Digital twin computing, Digital transformation (DX), and Digital solutions (AI, IoT, etc.) to improve productivity

    TMUDFD is designed with certain Workflow for use on any webpage to instantly and easily provide a digital front door experience for any online visitor at the webpage with information provision with AI&ML-informed Conversational Chabot and virtual interaction and video conference with live agents with functionality of MRESENCE for approximation to PRESENCE in Mixed Reality.

    Service features include real-time accurate contextualized Speech-to-Text Transcription (for commonly used languages) and subsequently, if required, language translation of the transcribed text into 80+ languages in text and 30+ languages in speech.

    TMUDFD overcomes the constraints due to distance, time, money, and barriers due to differences in language, culture, politics.

  • Productivity-improvement AI

    TMUDFD greatly enhances the efficacy and efficiency of any work operation that involves interaction between/among people who are geographically dispersed or in situations where social distancing or physical distancing is required.

    TMUDFD is equipped with API for ease of integration with external software system or information system through RPA and other forms of integration to achieve automation.

    TMUDFD together with PizzzAR Digital Platform and the relative AR/VR/MR/XR-IoT enabled Apps would greatly improve the overall productivity consistent with the tenets of Society 5.0.