A social welfare system provides assistance to individuals and families in need. Mayors of leading cities of the world view opportunity and inclusiveness as critical benchmarks of a successful community. A Smart City should plan for building a kinder, more equitable and more enlightened society through social edification. Ecocarrier Digital for Social Edification

The extensive deployment of MRESENCE technology as cloud-based managed services in the form of TMUDFD and various other forms would contribute to a kinder treatment and better quality of care for the aging and ailing population of the Smart City. The use of TMU virtual interaction / video conference service enables primary care, home-based medicine and mental health care to be provided/delivered in kinder, more equitable manner. TMU will also provide low-income people of the population easier, more affordable access to essential services.

The popular use of services of TMUDFD for virtual classrooms, and virtual interaction for recreation and social activities and the popular use of CJ MRESENCE Citizen Journalism with MRESENCE by the Smart City and the general population will foster a better informed and more enlightened society to combat the propagation of fake news and misinformation in social media.

TMU & TMUDFD can either be readily deployed for meeting the above stated expected desired solutions, or they can be easily adapted for use and integrated with existing systems for meeting the application requirement/purpose.